Ergebnisse aus Prüfung & Show


13.05.2023  Dortmund Frühjahrssieger- Ausstellung 2023
Richter: Beppe Masia (IT)
23 month old bitch, correct scissor bite, another beautiful color coat, good head and espression, little close brisket, i would prefer more round feet, good clean neck, corret topline and tailset, perfect angulation in back side, good tonic and flate muscle, nice and happy temperament, cross a little when she moves in the ring
Zwischenklasse:  vorzüglich  Platz 3

20.08.2022  14. Ruhrgebietsschau in Gelsenkirchen
Richterin: Chamaine Ennis van Maren
Well chisseld head, makes a very pleasing outline when stood, super neck into good shoulders and level topline, deadlevel tailset, balanced in her angels front and back, well angulated, dropping coat, would prefer more lenght to rib cage, happy mover with good head and tail carriage, holding her suer straight topline, coverst he ground well, would prefer more positive hint action viewef from the rear
Jugendklasse: vorzüglich

16.07.2022  Spezial Rassehunde Ausstellung DRC e.V. Celle/ Adelheidsdorf
Richter: La Fata Salvator ( IT)
13 months bitch, feminine head, correct bite, could have better feet, correct neck and topline, correct angelations, coat in good condition, loose a little bit behind in movement
Jugendklasse: Platz 4  vorzüglich

12.12.2021 11. Adventsausstellung vom GRC e.V. in Cloppenburg
Richterin: Helen Almey (UK)

Very sweet puppy, who is much confident moving than standing, feminin head with Intelligent expression, sufficient angulation, front and back, could do with a little more upperarm, good length of rib, correct bone and size, moves with very good drive and presents a very pleasing outline, in good coat and condition, just needs to relax standing
Babyklasse: Platz 4 vielversprechend